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    Note: This position is located in Rockville, Maryland. This is a full-time, temporary position, contracted for up to two years with possible extension. All inquiries should be made to Craig Chung at: [email protected]

    Web Analyst

    The Office of Science Education (OSE) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is looking for a person with a solid record of success in applying user-centered Web design, Web analytics, and social media strategies to improve customer service and achieve program goals.

    OSE coordinates science education activities at NIH and develops and sponsors science education projects in house. These programs serve elementary, secondary, and college students and teachers and the public. The OSE Web site is the main access point for these programs.

    The incumbent will have:

    • Extensive Web analytics expertise that includes deep knowledge of Google Analytics and, the creation of dashboards. Provide specific examples of experience working on Web sites, creating Web site goals, and using Web analytics software.
    • Skill in designing and building Web sites; proficiency in Web 2.0, HTML; and CSS; and experience working with content management systems and various Intranet platforms. In addition, the selected candidate must 1) know principles of search engine optimization; 2) effectively troubleshoot Web site problems; 3) have excellent project management skills, including ability to work with and manage vendor relationships; and 4) use social media tools to increase Web traffic
    • Expertise in using cross-channel communication strategies to promote resources. Provide specific examples of campaign strategies, and social media tools used, and of assessing effectiveness of strategies.
    • Experience in the areas of information architecture; improving Web site usability and utility; heat maps and other intelligence visualization interfaces; and content management systems.
    • Extensive knowledge of Federal Web “best practices” guidelines, Federal privacy requirements, Section 508 compliance requirements, and state-of-the-art 508-remediation tools. Experience monitoring Web-industry standards and other Web-related trends.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively with technical and policy staff experts and, internal and external stakeholders.
    • Knowledge of biology, the life sciences, and NIH is desirable.


    The Web Analyst will be responsible for providing customized, top-quality Web site analyses using Google Analytics and third-party-software data (for example, on Facebook and Twitter) for improving and optimizing the OSE Web site and Web-related programs. This person will employ advanced techniques to provide insightful analyses and improve user experiences.

    The Analyst will work directly with the OSE program team leader to plan, develop, and execute social media tools and strategies to engage a wider audience for OSE’s Web site content and related programs.

    The Analyst will be responsible for OSE Web site content, including search engine optimization; working with OSE staff to define Web site goals; ongoing information architecture optimization; improving site usability; developing, managing, and updating site content; and ensuring adherence to all relevant Federal and agency-specific Web-related regulations, guidelines, and policies.

    The selected candidate will become an active participant in NIH and other Federal Web management groups, including, the NIH Web Authors Group, NIH Web Metrics Group, Federal Web Content Managers listserv, listserv, and HHS NewMedia listserv.

    This is a full-time, temporary position, contracted for up to two years with possible extension.

    Education Requirements

    • A minimum of a technical degree in a computer science-related field, (for example, computer information technology, computer and information science, and computer studies). Experience can be substituted for education to meet the requirements.
    • A background in science and substantial knowledge of NIH and/or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is not required, but will give the applicant an advantage over non-science professionals.

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