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    Jobs is one of the hottest, most popular visitor destinations on GovLoop. Dozens of new jobs are posted each week and hundreds of members check ’em out to see if something fits.

    With that in mind (and with a sweet suggestion from Adriel Hampton), we created @GovGigs – a Twitter feed of all jobs posted on GovLoop.
    We also have the New Hire Handbook Topics Page that is designed for newbies to government.
    Finally, we have a couple groups called “Career Management” and “Employment: Job and Training Opportunities” for people seeking to advance and “Federal Recruiters” and “Human Resources” for people helping you gain and sustain employment.
    So what can we do to integrate all of this stuff better?
    Seekers: How can we help you to better find and land jobs?
    Recruiters: How do we help you connect people to jobs?
    Everyone: Here’s your chance to tell us how we can build an incredible machine to help you find, land, keep and leap jobs along your career path? Got success stories? Got fresh ideas?
    Sky’s the limit! We’re wide open to suggestions!
    Eager to get your feedback….
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    Andy, if there was a way to search the postings in the Jobs section, that would be very helpful. Just being able to look at them by date posted is limiting.

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    Karla A Langhus

    Hi There

    I think it would also be nice to have a section to submitt a resume and have seekers look thru them and provide feedback.


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    Interesting idea, Karla!

    Maybe we could create a group where people post their resumes….recruiters can go through them based on job category/type, etc…..

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    Hmmm….have you tried the search function in the forums? That’s the closest we have for now…

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    Karla A Langhus

    Hi Andrew


    I think the hardest part for a job seeker is building a resume that meets the position description.

    Sometimes people have the skills, knowledge and experience for a position that they never thought they could apply for.

    It would be nice for job seekers to post their resume , have recruiters take a look at them and guide the job seeker to the correct position.

    Instead of the job search be company/recruiter centered; have it be job seeker centered.


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    Geoff Hancock

    Find— Perhaps an additional page or two on our site, that organizes jobs into HR, IT, Intel, Construction etcetera. This way jobs can be posted according to career field to make it easier to search and apply from.

    Land- We have so many great HR partners on GovLoop, maybe a Q&A section and an FAQ about “landing” jobs with the government, both new gov’t hires but people who are changing careers with the gov’t. Sort of a tips section.

    Keep- This could be a particular interesting forum to create. Keeping a job (let alone being successful/happy) requires people to have the functional skill to perform the task but also (and more importantly perhaps) people skill are needed. Maybe a column or another page (trying to keep these down ) that outlines the best books on keeping a job, or a place where good advice can be shared from people who are in the agency you wish to work for.

    Leap- Career changing, when someone wants to jump to another agency or into another field, or perhaps going from civilian to gov’t work, it may be helpful to have an advice column that outlines requirements for certain positions (corporate professional to SES as an example) or some similar comparisons. I would see this as a dynamic area where lots of questions get asked and answered.

    Positions are filled because of who you know and recommendations made etc. If a hiring manager has two resumes, one from a qualified stranger and the other from moderately qualified “friend of friend” chances are the position will go to the friend …and rightly so.

    With all the folks on GovLoop we have a great opportunity to connect and build those relationships (speaking to myself here) and fill positions that are critically needed. Perhaps a more focused page on jobs and making connections is what would really help.


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    Bayani E. Pioquinto

    I’ve been working with my current agency here in the Washington, DC area for the last 3 years. For the last 2 years, I’ve been applying for federal jobs in San Antonio or other Texas metro areas (Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi) which will bring me closer to my family and our house in San Antonio but does not have any luck so far. The last interview I had was with the VA but I did not get selected. Lately, I submitted 3 entry level openings for NIH in Bethesda (for Management Analyst, Program Analyst and Workforce Resource Specialist). The latest feedback I received is that my applications were being referred to the Selecting Officer. But has not heard from them so far. I change direction in my job search in the hope that perhaps I can use either of these positions as stepping stone in landing a similar opportunity in Texas.

    Are there any tips or recommendations that perhaps you can suggest that might help facilitate my job search?


    PS. I tried putting a profile photo of mine on facebook but it seems that I could not find the link to do so. I was able to link this site though to my fb page.

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    Awesome response, Geoff! Very thoughtful…and practical, too!

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    Bayani –

    I would imagine you are trying to stick with Federal employment, but don’t forget about states, cities and counties! Also, if you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, this may also be helpful. Also, Twitter is a great source for job announcements. Finally, I wrote an article about Hire Friday not too long ago. This is a way to integrate all of this and may also prove useful.

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    Bayani E. Pioquinto

    It took me almost 7 years to get back again into the Federal Govt service after my 6 years stint (1994-2000). So, yes, Tricia, I am sticking it with the Federal employment. If worst come to worst, I may probably explore an early retirement if such is offered. But if I can find one even within the 5 hours driving radius from San Antonio, I will consider it. Are you saying that Federal Recruiters also uses Linkedln other than the usajobs profile and the resume submitted?

    I do thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

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    I suspected you were trying to stay with the Feds. I am not a Federal recruiter (I work for the State of Arizona’s Dept. of Env. Quality), so I couldn’t tell you off hand if they are listing their positions on LinkedIn or not. Wish I had more information for you!


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    Steve Ressler

    Would love to post. Appreciate the hook-up. Digging the new photo – I need to put up a new one myself.

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    Candace Riddle

    Offer more mentorship opportunities…that is how GovLoop helped me find and land my job!!!

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    Not only that. They can review the resumes and provide ideas how to make the resume more interesting to the Recruiter’s eyes. Or point them to the best jobs based on their qualification, experience and studies. 🙂

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    Sylvonia Poole

    wow…amazing! you found your job on gov loop. How did it happen for you? Did you find a mentor off Govloop and they offered you a job. Or did you see a job on govloop and apply. I am new to social media.


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    A few weeks back I created such a group here on GovLoop if you all are interested

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    Anita Arile

    Nice! I’ve been on GovLoop for a while and was also interviewed in 2009; however, it seems the Federal offices here on my island (Guam) have not really heard of the group.. I’ve recently got an email stating that I “qualified but was not referred” for a GS9 Management Analyst position… although I will be getting my MPA in May 2011 and have completed a one year Graduate School/DOI-OIA-sonsored “Executive Leadership Development Program”…

    Are there certain buzz words needed to satisfy an application or to qualify and be referred?

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    Sorry for the confusion. I was attempting to say that I created a GovLoop group for people to share internships, apprenticships and volunteer opportunites/news.

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    Andrea Schneider

    I would love to know if there are any changes in the rules. For example, I heard starting in November that KSA’s will be replaced by using resume’s. Is this true? So any changes in the federal process would be great to find here on govloop.

    Listing all the support resources available to job seekers in one list, whether it be people or organizations (may do that already?). Include a short description of what they do, area of specialization, if any, so we are not contacting the wrong person and wasting their time.

    Great topic!

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    Michael G.

    How about a govt focused networking event especially here in the Washington DC area?

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    Pär Larsson

    Just a place to post résumés would be convenient for job-seekers. Searching them would not be very convenient for recruiters and hirers.

    Solution could be to have a standardized, searchable résumé database along the lines of what you can “build” at USAjobs with job-seekers able to indicate what they are interested in.

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    Chirag Patel

    Hey Andrew,

    I appreciate you posting this discussion. In my opinion, creating a group name” JOB SEEKER” would do it. All looking for a position should post their resumes and recruiter and others searching for candidates should just look for the right candidate and respond to their requests. Also those who wish to assist other tune up their resumes should also give their suggestions. There are many different groups where people post positions so you should just have one group where all the jobs would be posted. I think this will be more organized. This is just a thought. Others do have great suggestions as well. Thanks again.


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    Kathy Foster-Sandru

    Hello, I am new to Gov Loop, and have been browsing around the site to both network with and possibly get information on the hiring process. I have posted my resume and also applied for positions on What puzzles me the most is the notification process. I have applied for positions as far back as 2008. and have yet to even receive updates on my candidacy much less the usual “thanks but no thanks” notification. I have been unemployed for over 2 years, and instead of sitting around collecting unemployment, I completed some college courses, as well as self-taught myself on upgrades to Microsoft Office Suite 2007 among other software applications. I would like to become employed with the public sector after being employed for over fifteen years within the private sector. Is there anything I am doing wrong? I am answering the KSA’s & other questions honestly & to the best of my ability. I have networked with social sites such as Linked-In, with little success.

    I have also noticed there are some vendors offering individuals such as myself services on how to apply & receive a federal job – for a fee. Does this really help or is it true that it’s “who you know” in order to obtain an agency position.

    Any assistance or suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you so much, Kathy

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    Stephanie Slade

    Hi Kathy! Why don’t you try our Rock Your Resume group? Perhaps you could get some helpful feedback there.

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    Kathy Foster-Sandru

    Hi, Stephanie! Thank you for the suggestion. I have applied for membership into the group & am waiting for a response.

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    Kanika Tolver

    I think having a innovative and unique job fair that will help people find jobs that will allow them to display their talents and gifts.

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