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    Henry Brown

    Or watch on c-span.org

    Caution almost a 3 hour video

    Senior government officials involved with the National Security Agency (NSA) testified on the organization’s Internet and phone record data collection practices. They gave extensive explanations of the programs, connecting them to successful terrorism investigations and describing controls designed to prevent spying on Americans. General Keith Alexander said the intelligence community was conducting a review to see if any changes are warranted.

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    Henry Brown

    Watched most of the 3 hour committee meeting.

    Came away with mixed emotions and the below are mine and only mine opinions

    A great deal of time was spent in trying to convince the congress (and the public by Proxy) that NSA was not doing anything illegal and the safeguards to prevent the “abuse” was effective and working….

    I came away believing that NSA’s collection of meta-data for phone usage probably is not a major issue because of the limited nature of the collection process and to get anymore information requires the approval of the judicial system. Although I fail to understand why the Office of the Director of National Intelligence or NSA or FBI feels that our country is not as safe as it was before Mr Snowden went public with the information about meta-data collection. If we lived in a perfect world, not sure that there shouldn’t be a whole lot more transparency, especially after the fact, as with any criminal activity. I am not even certain that there isn’t at least some more transparency when “we” take these bad guys to court and sentence them to long prison terms.

    As far as going public regarding PRISM data: Spent a great deal of time explaining how the system works and explaining the safeguards that are in place including oversight and how the system is managed internally, and the success’s of both programs.

    The quote that stood out to me (and I paraphrase) The General was asked if this hearing put the government at additional risk and his reply was “no this hearing unlike Mr. Snowden leak will not put our nation at risk”

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    David B. Grinberg

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