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    Talk about capturing a significant portion of legacy knowledge….

    Yes most of the projects are related to technical issues which probably doesn’t have much relevance outside of NASA…..

    Would offer that IF NASA gets a fundable mission that there will be minimal waste of time and money bringing these projects back to life thereby saving the tax payer a significant amount….

    To make all this information available to all via the “web” points out IMO how far NASA has gotten with the general concepts of Gov 2.0 …

    NASA’s Risk Management Library:

    Knowledge-Based Risks (KBRs) capture risks that have been successfully mitigated in the past that are relevant to many current topics including: Project Management, Systems Engineering, Design and Development, Integration and Testing, and many more. A typical KBR will consist of subject-matter expert video interviews, white papers, articles, and presentations in order to provide an interactive and engaging way to identify and mitigate important risks relevant to HEOMD. If you need assistance, please take a look at the help section listed in the tab navigation above. For a quick-start, you may want to check out some of the content listed below.

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