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    So Candace Riddle and I were just on Gchat, trying to figure out how to record Skype video as we’d like to be able to conduct interviews for an upcoming “Ask the GovExperts” series.

    Anybody know of a free (or low-cost) tool that we could use to record the Skype video?

    I’ve poked around the web and haven’t found anything that appears totally reliable.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I’m assuming that you want to record both the picture and audio…

    This is free to record if both parties on the call have the free version. If only one party has it, there will be a watermark. You can get the pro version to record without a watermark, if the other caller doesn’t have the free version, as well.

    I also found a few things with slightly less confusing rules that are about $20-30:

    Also, one for Mac only and one for $50:

    If you already have some sort of video editing software, it’s possible that it will capture the Skype call as incoming footage. It might recognize the webcam and mic as sources, but I’m not sure how that would work.

    Hope this helps!

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    Adriel Hampton

    Camtasia, but it’s not real cheap. There is, however, a free trial.

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    Denise Petet

    There is the painfully low tech way of just aiming a video camera at a screen, or outputting the computer to a projector and then recording that. Quality won’t be great but if it’s just for internal ‘what do you think about this person?’ might be okay.

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    Till now, still can not find any freeware skype video recorder.

    But know a great low-cost tool to record skype video calls at

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    Denise Petet

    I keep trying to think of some sort of screen capture software, or if there was a converter that turned VGA (monitor) output into RCA (video) output, then you could take what’s on your screen and turn it into a video signal…kind of like a video capture card in reverse (although you’d probably need to take VGA out and then separately put the audio out since VGA doesn’t carry an audio signal)

    I don’t think it’d capture both sides of the conversation though. Just what’s coming in. So you likely won’t be able to record your questions, just the candidates’ answers.

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    Hey Andy! Have you found something that will work for you yet? If so, please let us know what it is and how it’s going! Thanks!

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    Idea, Tara – why don’t we set up an interview and test one of them…then post on GovLoop? I’ll interview you. Pick a topic near and dear to you heart (the video group, video, your studies, etc).

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    Sandy Ressler

    Not free ($69) but free trial…I use Snap Z Pro X all the time records videos with audio from screen…Mac only…Sandy

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    Dr. GovLoop

    Thanks, Sandy!

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    Tips from other research we’re doing:

    – you can use a program called fraps and record a full screen skype conversation.
    – a lot of addins with good functions are paid, but here’s a few: I recommend VodBurner but there’s a watermark


    There is an interesting service we’re trying over at Spacevidcast called Vokle –

    We use it a bit differently, but you can embed it on your site, you can show both yourself and your interviewee and you can even bring in other people if you want to have them ask questions of your guest.

    The one item I’m not sure you can do is archive it. If you had a second computer set up with something like ScreenFlow for Mac or Camtasia for PC you could do a screen capture and record it that way. It is also possible that it can archive, but since we have no need for that I have never looked for that feature. Other than that, it sounds like Vokle will do everything you’re asking for.

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    Martha Garvey

    Thanks for this. I’ve been following along with interest.

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