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    Blake Carlton

    GovLoop Community,

    I’m Blake Carlton, a 2015-2017 Presidential Management Fellow currently on rotation with NIH’s Office of Human Resources. I’ve been tasked with identifying a few ways our organization can perform Knowledge Capture.

    “Knowledge capture” refers to the component of Knowledge Management that involves ‘retaining and share key insights, experiences, knowledge, and social networks in order to ensure the continuity and success of an organization’s mission.’ As you are undoubtedly aware, there’s a huge wave of federal staff preparing to retire, not to mention a whole new generation of federal employees who are known for jumping from one agency to another after an average of only two years at each. It is becoming ever more pressing, therefore, to capture the knowledge and expertise of our organization’s employees.

    If you or anyone you know has any expertise or insights into effective knowledge capture programs and methods, please contact me ([email protected]). I would love to hear your insights.

    Thank you!


    Blake Carlton
    [email protected]

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