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    Victor S. Paola

    Hi All,

    We are in the process of upgrading our CRM and are taking the opportunity to start producing some relevant reports for council. I am hoping to tie KPI’s to the City’s Strategic mission, vision, values (i.e. actually measuring “efficient and cost effective service delivery”).

    Would anyone be willing to share what data they present to their respective councils? What is your most popular, sought after report that drives changes to the way services are delivered?



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    Steve Ressler

    Just posted it in a few different groups for feedback.

    I’ve always found with similar reports it’s great to have KPI and quantitative data mixed with some qualitative – a few quotes and a few pictures of great service delivery go along way as well.

    What I’d look for is:

    -# of requests

    -Services delivered

    -Requests/activities by channel (phone, in-person, web)

    -# of Outstanding requests

    -Cost per transaction/delivery

    What KPIs are you thinking about?

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    Jacob Anderson

    This is kind of the Holy Grail for efficiency, isn’t it? I’ve been looking for a gold standard of KPI’s for local govt for a while… I came across the National Center for Public Productivity in my searches, and it seems like a good place to start.

    Good luck. If you want to chat more about KPI’s, I’d be interested in further conversation. It’s kind of crucial to providing and demonstrating efficiency.

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    Victor S. Paola

    all of the above as well as time to completion for various service requests, and how many hands are in the pot (to highlight possible opportunities to streamline)

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    Victor S. Paola

    Thanks for the link, Jacob. I agree it is crucial and, in my view lacking. One of the major stumbling blocks I’ve encountered has to do with the integrity of the data. My department takes and enters service requests from citizens. These service requests go to the business units and/or line departments to action. The difficulty is there is no corporate standard for basic measures such as when a request is considered “complete”. Some departments close the call when it has been referred to a contractor. Others close it as soon as it gets to them from us, while others close the call when the citizen’s request has actually been fulfilled.

    My concern is that without standardizing how we measure, we are losing out on critical insights that would drive efficiency.

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    Gerald Young


    Yes, standardizing the measures is key, and the data collection needs to be done consistently from year to year, even as the staff involved may change. The ICMA Center for Performance Measurement works to provide agreed-upon definitions for participating jurisdictions (e.g., with tasks considered complete when the end-customer has been served, not when a case is referred to another department). Many of those jurisdictions then link their KPIs to strategic plan goals and budget documents. For examples, please review the data reporting and planning links at the bottom of the page for the CPM Certificates in Performance Measurement.

    Gerald Young, ICMA

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    Victor S. Paola

    Thanks Gerald! Much appreciated

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