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    John Bourdon

    My organization for the first time has a collective bargaining unit for many non-supervisory employees. The number of grievances have increased.

    Can labor and management peacefully co-exist? If so, how do you measure a successful labor-management partnership?

    Please share you ideas!

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    Henry Brown


    have been involved with a new union/bargaining unit, both in the private sector and public sector and with one of the private sector unions was involved from a management perspective.

    It has been my experience that initially there is a power struggle where EVERYONE is trying to fully define everyone’s limits/roles. And sometimes when there is a change in either labor and or management there will again be the envelope pushing to define everyone’s role. This power struggle can be greatly reduced if there are consistently open communication channels where the only roles played are improving the communications and the grandstanding is kept to a extreme minimum.

    After the power roles are fully defined and EVERYONE understands them then it is to everyone’s advantage to peacefully exist for the benefit of the organization (private or public).

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    John Bourdon

    Thanks Henry,

    Communication is paramount in any relationship; the more transparent the better the relationship. As for measuring a successful labor-management realtionship, some advocates suggest that the reduction in number of grievances, disputes, and unfair labor practices indicates a healthy relationship (federaltimes, 2010). From a union’s perspective, do you think that a decrease in number of grievances, disputes, and unfair labor practices is healthy? A union’s perceived effectiveness or strength is derived from the number of cases won when identifying unfair labor practices and disputes through a grievance process.


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    Leigh Ann Adams

    We have had an agreement for years… The relationship has depended on the Commander and his Deputy. We have had great success and we have had horrible castorphies. We are in a disaster area now… With Obama supporting partnership we may be able to get things back on track.

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    John Bourdon

    Thanks Leigh Ann,

    I think that if both parties (management and labor) genuinely want to work together to improve communication and transparency, and as Henry Brown stated in his post “grandstanding is kept to a extreme minimum” the relationship can work. It also depends on the person’s mindset when it relates to giving up some of the power the have.

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    Leigh Ann Adams

    Yes, but when they refuse to acknowledge the rights and fail to disclose information then it is a failure. We have tried… and tried… to no avail. The systems in place aren’t much help, because unless it has more than a de minis affect, it’s a waste of time to try to get them to do the right thing…

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