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    Cheryl Kinchen

    I am researching Leave Sharing Programs for Employees. If you have such a policy in your organization, I would be interested in how it was implemented and how it works. Thanks.

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    Tina Cluver

    Our program works like this:

    An employee has a major life event (serious illness, etc.) that they do not have enough leave time accrued to cover. The employee goes to our Human Resources Administrator to explain the situation. The Human Resources Administrator discusses the matter with our City Manager. If the situation is deemed worthy of implementing the policy, a resolution is presented to our City Council for approval.

    Once approved by the City Council resolution, employees are then notified that they can contribute a maximum number of hours to the employee in question. (We are a very small entity so we pretty much know what the situation is when it is announced). Employees complete a form that is turned into our Payroll division and the leave hours are transferred to the employee in need. The employee receiving the donated hours is not advised of who has donated the hours.

    We’ve used this policy on two occasions in the 10+ years I’ve worked here: once for an employee who was battling cancer (and unfortunately died from the disease) and once for an employee whose daughter was paralyzed in a car accident.

    I’m not sure what the participation rates were for employees in the leave sharing program but I do know that the employees who received the benefits of it were extremely grateful for the generosity of their coworkers so I think it has been rather positively received.

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    Cheryl Kinchen

    Thanks so much for yur reply. We have 400 employees and many have expressed a willingness to share some of their accrued time. I will try to keep you posted as we continue on this project.

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    Tina Cluver

    I should have also mentioned that the employees who are donating leave time (comp time, sick time or annual leave) cannot donate if their leave hours fall under a certain threshold. For sick leave and annual leave, I believe that is 40 hours. For comp time, employees can donate as much as they want, up to the maximum number of hours allowed by the City Council resolution. Hopefully that makes sense!!

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    Cheryl Kinchen

    How do the different rates of pay figure into this? Does a person have to qualify for FMLA? Is there a point at which an employee is cut off from the leave sharing? Is there a policy in your handbook? Just a few questions I have so far.

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    Tina Cluver

    You know, as far as the differing pay rates are concerned, I hadn’t thought about that aspect of it. There is no point of cut off for the employee receiving the leave sharing. In the case of the employee who had cancer, we had several “rounds” of leave sharing time and whatever was left when she passed away was paid to her survivors.

    We don’t have a policy in our handbook as these situations are treated on a case-by-case basis. Employees pretty much demanded that management develop something when the employee with cancer had used up all of her leave time.

    Standby, I’ll BRB!

    *makes call to Human Resources*

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    Alan Finegold

    We have a great program (we call it the Leave Bank) for the past several years at least. Each person who elects to participate puts in x hours according to their leave benefits (I think 1 pay period’s worth per year (~4-8 hr per ~2 wk per year)). We have no real max withdrawal, although the total deposits in the bank and the number of recipients can limit the total.
    It is used for medical only, not extension/substitution for FMLA.
    You have to be a member previously to be a recipient (no pre-existing conditions!).
    When leave is exhausted from the leave bank, an email can be sent to all employees requesting leave donations (it may be anonymous or list the candidate’s name).
    Our fed agency has over 500 employees.

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