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    Bruce Eggum

    The beginning of the end of big money in politics
    Big money has been in politics since day one. Every legislative effort to significantly diminish its power has failed (e.g. the feeble McCain-Feingold bill).
    How can we succeed now when so many earnest people before us have failed? By cleverly utilizing the power of the Internet.
    We can establish a simple, easy to use, Internet-based system of accountability (using “off the shelf” software) that will greatly diminish the value of the political-influence “products” now being sold by our “representatives”.
    Rather than futilely trying to limit how much moneyed special interests can give to members of Congress, we should concentrate on strategies that will make what our “representatives” have been selling virtually worthless. We can do this using the power of the Internet. (But first a closer look at the problem.)
    Wikiarguments: A practical plan to get big money out of politics: http://bit.ly/8XHk2S
    Anyone ready to start this?

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    Bruce Eggum

    Simple and straight forward. I thank Carmen Yarrusso for this and his many contributions. Now it is up to us to make this happen. I believe govloop could provide the platform for this much needed program. People come to govloop looking for answers and this platform could provide it. It also allows interaction so we could “speak our piece” and have direct input to bills and gov action. I look forward to your thoughts and support on this initiative. Please post comments, let the Wikiarguments begin.

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