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    Internships in the Office of the Clerk of the Board



    Internship with MSPB’s Office of the Clerk of the Board

    Questions and Answers About an Internship in the Office of the Clerk of the

    Board of the Merit Systems Protection Board

    What is the Merit Systems Protection Board?

    The Merit Systems Protection Board serves as guardian of the Federal Government’s merit-based system of employment. Administrative judges and presidentially-appointed Board members hear and decide appeals from Federal employees on personnel actions, such as removals, demotions, and suspensions. The Board also decides cases involving improper political activities by government employees, claims of reprisal for whistleblowing, and unlawful discrimination. In addition, the Board conducts reviews and studies of Federal personnel systems.

    What does the Office of the Clerk of the Board do?

    The Clerk of the Board serves as a senior advisor to the Chairman concerning the Board’s adjudicatory policies, procedures, and practices. The Clerk is the senior management official responsible for the coordination, analysis, processing, and security of all legal actions submitted to the Board, including original and appellate jurisdictional matters. The Clerk serves as an official liaison for the Board to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, other Federal Courts, the

    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Office of Special Counsel, the Office of Personnel Management, the Special Panel, and other Federal agencies. The Clerk is the official liaison to the public regarding the activities of the Board.

    What will an intern of the Clerk of the Board do?

    The intern will assist in updating and maintaining print subscriptions and assisting visitors in the Headquarters library. Assists in scheduling and arranging Westlaw training. Assists in communicating and coordinating appropriate topics for training and discussions, including online research. Assists in the renewals and cancellation of subscriptions. Assists the Board employees with locating materials necessary to assist in adjudication or in the Board’s studies functions. Performs research at the request of attorneys or research psychologists.

    Are interns paid? Is academic credit available?

    We are unable to provide paid positions, but we are happy to provide the documentation required by the university to grant academic credit upon satisfactory completion of the internship. A public transportation subsidy is available.

    Where is the MSPB Headquarters located?

    The MSPB Headquarters is located near the Farragut North and Farragut West Metro stations in downtown Washington, D.C.

    When are position(s) available?

    Position(s) are available IMMEDIATELY (Fall 20 II) and in the summer, fall, or spring. We are very flexible and will attempt to accommodate individual scheduling needs. We require at least a 25 hour per week commitment during the summer and a 12 to 15 hour per week commitment during the academic year.

    What is necessary to apply?

    To apply for a position, we require a resume and an interview (which can be done by phone). We also require at least one reference who can attest to your library skills. You may submit your application material to the address below (we prefer electronic applications).

    U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board

    Office of the Clerk of the Board

    1615 M St., N.W.

    Washington, D.C. 20036

    (202) 254-4474

    FAX (202) 653-7130

    [email protected]

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