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    Dave Shaut

    My agency is using LinkedIn to post job announcements for hard-to-fill jobs. I’m looking into the feasibility of using LinkedIn more proactively. I’ve had a few discussions with some internal stakeholders and there is concern that we could run afoul of the Privacy Act of 1974. Are there any Federal HR folks using LinkedIn Recruiter? If so please get in touch with me—I’d like to hear about your experiences with it and how you address Privacy Act compliance.


    Dave Shaut – [email protected]

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    Steve Cottle

    Hi Dave, I just linked to this post over in the Federal Recruiting group ( – hopefully someone over there can help you out.

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    Dave Shaut

    Thanks Steve–

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    Steve Ressler

    I know NIH uses it quite frequently. You can reach out to Brian Rabin who is there and Dave Ueijo who used to be at NIH and is at CFPB

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    Dave Shaut

    Thanks–I’ve reached out to them. I appreciate the tip.

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