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    David B. Grinberg

    Time flies, especially in the world of social media.

    LinkedIn is turning 10-years old already. Today, the online professional networking site says it has over 200 million members globally, with continued strong growth expected.


    1) Are you on LinkedIn? If so, why?

    2) If not, what are you waiting for?

    3) Is there any reason why govies should refrain from joining Linkedin?

    You can find me and request to join my personal/professional network here

    FYI: I’m not an “open networker” but would appreciate connecting with more govies.

    (1,000-plus direct connections = 12 million total members in my network)

    * All views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author only.

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    Henry Brown

    Have been a member for at least 8 years… For years it was the only social networking group(except Govloop) that I could ensure that MOST of the discussions were professional, then Google + came along and I have found that I split my time fairly equally between both groups.

    Although unlike GovLoop, I am more of lurker in both groups…

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    Dave Bell

    1. Yes. There are many connections and social networking opportunities. You might want to connect to me at

    2. N/A. I am a LinkedIn member.

    3. There is no reason why Federal employees should not be on LinkedIn. I find LinkedIn to be quite useful and with the advent of Groups, it is a good tool.

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    David B. Grinberg

    Thanks for commenting, Henry, much obliged.

    LinkedIn is great. I’m a big fan. However, it still has a ways to go in order to obtain the same or similar membership numbers as Facebook — which appears to be holding steady and incrementally increasing in specific marketing segments (per your post, Henry).

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    David B. Grinberg

    Thanks, Dave. I sent you an invite to connect.


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    David B. Grinberg

    Cool mega INFOGRAPHIC from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions:

    “This infographic showcases the past decade of our brand relationships and serves as a true a demonstration of the power of our network:”

    LinkedIn Celebrates 10 Years of Brand Relationships


    • “Building LinkedIn to where it is today has been an amazing journey fueled by our passionate members and our extraordinary customers.”
    • “We strive to create an experience that enables companies big and small to build meaningful relationships with the world’s professionals. None of this could have been possible if it weren’t for our brand partners”.
    • “On our 10th anniversary we are proud to have 225 million of the world’s most influential, affluent and educated members on the web.”
    • “We are committed to continuously evolving our network so that it is a destination where relevant professional content is shared and consumed in a context that allows our members to be more successful and productive.”
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    Terrence Hill

    I’m on LinkedIn, but I’m not too active. I can see the potential for networking with other professionals, but the vast majority of professionals (especially government folks) are not active members. I’ve learned to segment my social networks, but I prefer GovLoop for staying connected to public servants like myself. I try to use Facebook to stay connected to family and close friends. Twitter is my go-to for keeping up on the news and happenings.

    My only gap is that my agency does not have an internal social network. I can see the real value in having a network just for agency employees.

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    David B. Grinberg

    Thanks for the repy, Terry.

    I think many govies may share your sentiments about LinkedIn. Nevertheless, in addition to connecting with fellow govies, I have a range of professionals in my network — including Hill staffers, political folks, journalists, agency stakeholders, etc.

    I consider LinkedIn to be the “go to” electronic Rolodex for the digital age. Moreover, there are many groups on LinkedIn targeted to specific fields of interest — including GovLoop, Gov 2.0, a federal employee group, gov communicators groups, etc.

    In short, I’ve found LinkedIn to be an invaluable networking resource.

    Shifting gears, I don’t think most agencies use third party social media platforms for internal employee communications. I think email and an intranet site are the two main vehicles within agencies for internal electronic communication and collaboration. There’s also OMB MAX, but I’m not sure whether most agencies use it.

    It would be great to hear more about this from folks at larger agencies who do actually use social media platforms for internal communications.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this, Terry. Also, your efforts to help promote Public Service Recognition Week are appreciated.


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    David B. Grinberg

    The Wall Street Journal reports:

    LinkedIn Is 10 Years Old: See How It’s Changed

    • “LinkedIn just turned 10 years old, transforming from a small professional-networking site into a must-have tool for job seekers and recruiters.”
    • “Just last week the stock hit a record high of more than $200.”
    • ” While it’s cooled a bit since it last reported its quarterly earnings — which included some downbeat guidance — it’s still one of the best-performing consumer Web IPOs of the past several years.”
    • “Since May 19, 2011, the stock is up more than 80%.”
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    Steve Ressler

    I’m a member and fan of LinkedIn. Always curious – what do people use it mostly for?

    Me – I use it as a personal rolodex. Although I’m liking the linkedin influencer blog posts they roll out. I’m in a few groups but most aren’t really good

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    I was one of the first 5000 on LinkedIn. Some of the groups are incredibly useful (with 10s of thousands of members). I belong to Open Government and Excellence in Government, two of my favorites.

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    David B. Grinberg

    Wow, Megan, you were really one of the earliest LinkedIn pioneers…impressive. Kudos to you!

    They should give you some free stock shares or at least a free t-shirt (lol).

    Thanks, as always, for sharing your unique and insightful views.

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    David B. Grinberg

    Thanks for the comments, Steve, which are always much appreciated.

    I agree that the “Influencer” blogs are a nice edition, especially since they are short.

    Regarding the groups, some are good, others not so much. But there are sure a lot to choose from. Of course, there are a lot of alumni groups which are popular.

    A sampling of my groups include:

    • National Association of Government Communicators
    • Federal Employees of the U.S. Government
    • Federal Communicators Network
    • GovLoop
    • Government 2.0
    • Social Media Crisis Communications

    • Social Media For Government

    • Strategic Communication

    • Social Media News

    • Social Media Today

    • Social Media for Government Best Practices

    • Brandixit | The Next Generation Branding Community

    • Online reporters and editors

    • PR Daily

    • Special Public Communications Group

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    David B. Grinberg

    Did You Know? reports

    LinkedIn continues its evolution as a media entity with the launch of magazine-style news channels

    • “Summary: LinkedIn has been making some significant moves towards becoming a media entity focused on business news, and the launch of new magazine-style channels of content is just the latest example of this.”
    • “Although it is still seen by many as a place for networking with colleagues and/or posting a digital curriculum vitae, LinkedIn has been behaving a lot more like a media entity recently — and a revamp of its LinkedIn Today offering that launched on Wednesday is one more step in that evolution.”
    • “The site now offers “channels” or categories of news, much like a magazine would, and users can follow or subscribe to those channels, as well as to individual authors who are part of LinkedIn’s Influencer program, another relatively new addition.”
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    David B. Grinberg

    FYI — Excellent article from AP tech writer, via SF Chronicle, summarizing LinkedIn’s current and future prospects from Wall Street to Main Street — LinkedIn v. Facebook.

    LinkedIn looks to build on its impressive resume

    • “LinkedIn and Facebook celebrate the anniversaries of their IPOs just a few days apart this week. But the companies’ experiences as publicly traded entities couldn’t be more different.”

    • ” LinkedIn promotes its service as a stepping stone to a more enriching career. As it turns out, the professional networking company’s IPO was a great place to start a rewarding investment portfolio, too. LinkedIn’s stock has nearly quadrupled in value from its $45 IPO price two years ago.”

    • “But for all its success, LinkedIn still hasn’t immersed itself into people’s lives and reshaped technology as profoundly as Facebook has.”

    • ‘Although LinkedIn has been attracting more frequent visits since its IPO, people still spend far more time on Facebook and share more of their lives there.”

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