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    Peter Sperry

    Does any one know of a good federal career advisor who understands how to navigate promotions, transfers, mid caree moves and plan a long term strategy for advancement? This week I reached the top of my current career ladder (GS-13) and in 12-24 months will be looking to find a new one. I already have 15 years in, with time on the Hill and a Schedule C (GS-15) appointment under my belt, so I am familiar with the basics but would be interested in a coach with a proven track record in the top part of the pyramid.

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    Heather Krasna, MS

    I know a few folks who specialize in this, especially Kathryn Troutman of resumeplace.com and Camille Carboneau Roberts. There’s also Lily Whiteman but I’m not sure if she takes private clients. Good luck!

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    Zahra Z. Hashmi

    I don’t think he wanted to know who writes resume for him. He is asking “long-term strategies for advancement.” I believe many want to know since at this level lots depend on how management see you. Is atmosphere “work and results being noticed and rewarded” or “brown nosing is appreciated.”

    Whoever knows real workable “long-term strategies for advancement” that is based on a personal achievement, according to OPM/merit promotion laws/regulations without any brown nosing please share.

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    Heather Krasna, MS

    Oh, my bad, I thought maybe he wanted help writing those statements needed for applications for the SES. I think the folks I mentioned can be helpful for promotion coaching too.

    The other thing that might be needed is general advice on promotion… try reading Managing Your Government Career by Stewart Liff.

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    Steve Ressler

    Ask Scott Derrick, used to be at GAO, and then Senior Exec Association, and then DOD SES group. He either does it or knows people – http://twitter.com/#!/kscottderrick

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