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    Grant Bastedo

    Hello all,

    I’m the founder of the Saskatchewan 3.0 Summit taking place in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on April 23-25, 2012. The goal of the summit is to accelerate the adoption of digital technology and social media in Saskatchewan and help sustain our province’s economic growth. Here’s a link to the Summit website: http://www.sask3summit.com Here’s a link to a recent newspaper article about the summit: http://www.leaderpost.com/technology/Summit+focuses+digital+surge/6100803/story.html

    I’m very interested in hearing about great innovation examples from other jurisdictions and learning who the best folks are to speak on these topics. Currently we have several high profile keynote speakers including Vivek Kundra (former CIO of the US Fed Gov’t) and Dr. Nicholas Gruen (Chair, Australia’s Gov 2.0 Taskforce), but I’d also be interested in hearing from other government leaders that are doing exciting things in their jurisdictions.

    Below are the types of topics that I’d like to find experts to speak on. We don’t have many slots to fill still at this point, but would find room if we can find the right speaker(s). Let me know if you have any suggestions.




    Accelerating the adoption of digital technology in Saskatchewan

    • Improving the efficiency of service delivery
    • Citizen/customer participation and collaboration
    • Opening up access to global markets
    • Nurturing an IT ecosystem
    • Attracting knowledge and talent to Saskatchewan
    • Building an “Intelligent Community”

    Mobile Technology

    • How your organization can take advantage of current trends in mobile technology
    • Understanding mobile applications and how your organization can employ them

    Social Networks

    • Understanding social networks and their impact on your organization
    • How to develop your organization’s social media policy to ensure appropriate use
    • Monitoring social networks. Learn what people saying about your organization right now?

    Open Government

    • Democratizing data – the economic and social benefits of open data
    • The move towards participatory democracy
    • Making the case for transparency and openness
    • Developing citizen-centric services

    Privacy and Online Security

    • Privacy implications of cloud computing
    • Balancing openness and transparency with privacy
    • Effective social media policies and guidelines for organizations

    Collaboration and Efficiency

    • Ways to align public, private sector and education sector to a common vision and goals for technology acceleration
    • Breaking down silos within government to improve citizen and business services

    Online Citizen/Customer Engagement

    • Online conversations; changing the ways we communicate
    • How to monitor what’s being said about your organization and respond appropriately
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    Grant Bastedo

    Another area of interest is computer education and how we can encourage young people in Saskatchewan to pursue careers in the digital realm. Any good examples of that would also be appreciated.

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