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    Daniel Shapiro

    So this is a good question I have. I have over 15 years doing Program and Project Management and Management consulting both as a consultant and most recently as a Federal Employee. So, how does one go about obtaining a new federal position in another region of the country? I am applying like a maniac through USAjobs.com and getting my resume forwarded to the selecting official, but nothing else seems to happen. I also seem to get rejected for not being in a location of the position. HELP, I am tired of living in Maryland and want to move south with my family.

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    Usajobs! Is your best bet! Unless, you know the supervisor and SES for that specific office who have authority to laterally transfer you in that specific office where you would like to work. You will also need to know the 2 budget/payroll officers and CFOs too.

    You need to ask both the new office and old office in writing if anyone would be willing to pay for your relocation expenses.

    Do be scared! Be empowered! If you don’t ask in writing directly, you will be blown off! You have to help yourself here.

    A big plus for you relevant to your new office, you have a loaded FTE because you now become free labor to accomplish the mission for the new office. Your current agency can pay for a period of time, usually pending the duration of the appropriation, to work over in the new office. So, your new office can either choose to help you move with the savings or just work you for free.

    Usually, you can call the directors (SESers and Supervisor) directly whom you would like to work for and ask if he/she would be willing to take you on! It is that simple! You can usually encourage and leverage this relocation through a loaded FTE from your old agency.

    It is not easy! But, I have seem this been made to happen several time over the last 17yrs. Good luck!

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    Steve Ressler

    What’s your job series? What level applying for? What areas of country trying to move to?

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    Daniel Shapiro

    Nto sure I really understand. From what you are saying, I would need to know the exact agency and division I would liek to work for and then go to that SES directly?

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    Daniel Shapiro

    GS 13, looking for between a 12 and a 14, I know I am going to take a pay cut to move to Florida, Georgia or South Carolina, but willing to tkae a GS drop to get down there. I do not need any relocation assistance, but would not be turned down if offered. I have a sick family member in florida and it would be easier to be there in time of need then here in Maryland. I am curretnly an Information Specialist.

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    Steve Ressler

    I had this exact same situation when I moved from DC to Tampa a few years ago. I was also a GS 13 IT specialist.

    Here’s my advice:

    -Know up front this is a long-term 6 month process

    -Set up your USAJOBS searches so you are getting the openings for the areas you are looking for

    -Network – at a certain point, I could tell most of the USAJOBS openings I was interested in were either at DOD MacDill Air Force Base or VA Bay Pines facilities. So I made a big push to meet people there. I actually attended a MacDill job fair in person (my wife was already in Tampa so I coordinated it with a visit to see her).

    -Spend a ton of time on the application – For each application, I spent a significant amount of time writing KSAs, having friends review my KSAs, and making sure I hit every keyword. This takes a ton of time but you have to customize them.

    -And I like Genio’s lateral. That’s actually what I ended up doing in the end.

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    Daniel Shapiro

    I am applying to every possible job I am even remotely qualified for. The difference between when you did this a few years back to know is that the KSA’s are no longer text based questions and are not multiple choice based on level of experience. Regarding what Genio had said, I am not really sure about what the lateral is? Job Fair, not a bad idea and I will look into them.

    So, where are you working now?

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