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    Wanted to share this article from the Wall Street Journal. As an HR professional and Recruiter, people (friends included) often ask me what happens to their resume –

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    Candace Riddle

    Interesting. I used to get interviews easily, however, over the past year (laid off and searching), they certainly do not come as easily as they used to.

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    Arza Gardner

    Good info. Thanks for sharing.

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    Celia Mendive

    Very interesting article! Thanks for sharing Tricia.

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    Denise Wright

    I am a corporate recruiter and have been with the same company for almost ten years now. I do believe that most HR professionals have no clue about understanding the positions that they are recruiting for. My husband is in the job market and I have become frustrated with what I have seen and the little activity that he has had. It’s almost like they get on a job board and look for one key word and never read the resume. I have recently tried to reach out to recruiters in hopes to share candidates and help applicants and to really do more networking. I have had zero luck. When applicants call me to follow up on their submittals I do respond. I recommend keeping a log of your resume submittals and following up the next week. I also follow up with applicants after the interview but the unfortunate thing is that I can’t give them detailed feedback for legal reasons. OFCCP regulations do make us ask for applications when resumes are submitted to a hiring manager but most applicant tracking systems do make you do them when you apply which really makes a job search time consuming and frustrating. While you don’t have to fill out an application in the beginning stages of a job search one needs to be turned in prior to interviewing to be sure that you don’t hold up an offer or look less than professional because you haven’t provided sufficient information. The bottom line is that the best way to be sure that your resume is given consideration is to be referred by an employee or a friend. I personally like to know who is hiring and what they are looking for so that when an applicant isn’t a fit I can refer them to someone else. Unfortunately I haven’t been very successful in building a network with others who want to do the same.

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    Thank you for the article, Tricia!

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    Sure! Glad it was helpful Steve!

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