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    The Los Padres National Forest is currently advertising and fill a Fire Management Specialist (Forest Fire Planner) position. The work station is located at the Supervisor’s Office, Goleta, California. This notification is being circulated to inform prospective applicants of this opportunity and to determine interest. A referral list will be generated from this announcement shortly after April 12, 2010.

    DUTIES: This is a standard wildland fire management position intended for use in the USDA Forest Service. The incumbent serves as the primary wildland fire planning specialist in an interagency setting for a single or group of Fire Planning Units (FPU). The primary purpose of the position is to provide specialized and professional guidance, leadership, coordination, and program direction in implementing the interagency fire program analysis (FP A) process and supporting Fire Management Plan development. The incumbent is responsible for managing and applying wildland fire planning processes and procedures using highly specialized analytical and technical tools.

    This position is responsible for implementing fire planning policies and procedures consistent with state/regional and national level guidance. The incumbent is responsible for coordinating fire planning processes and information among the FPU partners. This position is also responsible for preparing and managing the Forest’s Fire and Aviation Management budget.

    If this position meets the definition of an Interagency Fire Management Program (IFPM) position, as designated by WO Fire Management, the incumbent must meet the qualifications specified in the Qualifications Standards and Guide prior to Oct 1, 2009.

    Prior wildland firefighting experience on the fireline is a mandatory requirement.

    Position is approved for Secondary Firefighter retirement for CSRS and FERS on 10/10/2007, PD # AFM32B, # F2a.

    This position is being advertised with duty location in Goleta, CA.

    TO APPLY: At the close of the outreach a certificate of candidates applying under Merit and Demo will be drawn from the Open and Continuous vacancy announcements. That announcement number is OCRP-PLAN-401-9/11DP for the Public and OCRP-PLAN-401-9/11G for government Employees or those with reinstatement rights. In order to be considered you must check the box for Goleta in the section of the Avue application where you are asked for job locations. You may acquire a copy of the announcement from the internet, at http://www.jobsearch.usajobs.opm.gov or http://www.avuedigitalservices.com/usfs/applicant.html.

    Supervisor’s Office:

    This position will be located at the Supervisor’s Office in Goleta, CA.

    The Supervisor’s Office is located at 6755 Hollister Ave Suite 150 Goleta, CA. 93117 and serves as the main office for the Los Padres National Forest.

    If you are interested in this opportunity and/or plan on applying to the position noted above, please let us know by returning the reply form before 04/12/2010 If you want more information please contact Anthony Escobar, Forest FMO.

    Phone: 805-961-5741

    Fax: 805-961-5729

    E-Mail : [email protected]

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