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    Eric Koch

    A recent article by our client, Pitney Bowes Software, discusses the use of master data management (MDM) in the private sector and how its functionality applies in helping today’s modern military and Intel Community to identify terrorists or bad actors.

    In the past, bad actors, terrorists and other threats had to be actively sought and searched for. Today, many people are volunteering information via Twitter, Facebook and other social networks that help place them with a terrorist organization, analyze how influential they are, and identify who are the true decision makers. This latest post on EngageGovToday, takes a look at the technologies enabling the military to aggregate, analyze and compare this and other data to find bad actors.

    What are your thoughts? Can you see technologies like this being used to help identify possible terrorist threats?

    Since it seems some folks are skeptical of the technology and how it can be utilized today, we were able to set up a live demo and Webinar by one of Pitney Bowes Software solution experts, Navin Sharma which takes place tomorrow, October 18th.

    For additional information and the registration link, check out the latest article here:

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