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    Andrea Baker

    OK I am putting it out there for the community because it has become clearer to me that I need to do more at bigger levels to make change in Government happen.

    I am typing this with one hand (sprained my left arm/wrist on Sunday) so you know I mean business when I say, make me an offer. I am putting this out here in public to say, if your agency needs help… I am your gal. I also come with a stellar IT person who is also looking for a change. I am cleared at the highest level so the sky is the limit.

    I am looking for real flexibility as I want to continue and grow my public appearances and travel for conferences.

    We are also green focused from IT to lifestyle. Telework is ideal. I specialize in innovation and a muse for my customers. I am a leader in Enterprise 2.0, Citizen 2.0, and social media methodologies for Government and Non-Profit organizations. I have a massive reach on social media platforms.

    It may come to me starting my own business (thinking serious about this) to assist your agency or some other genius plan. I am not opposed becoming a Govvie either if the right job comes along.

    I am a service disabled veteran, so if I started my own firm it would be a small business and woman owned as well.

    Please feel to ask me questions here about my vision or goals for transparency or feel free to send me a private message. I am prepared with resume and references if needed by request for both myself and my associate who is looking for a change.

    Availability begins September 6 (yes day one of the Gov 2.0 summit).

    Thank you.

    Andrea Baker

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    Steve Ressler

    Will noodle on this as come up with ideas. You are one of the good ones.

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    Andrea Baker

    Thank you, I appreciate hearing that from you. Need something to energize me and put my skills to the best potential.

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