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    Cynthia Hinkle

    Hello Everyone!

    I am a young professional looking to make new connections. I am looking to learn about new positions, find out tips when applying for government positions, how to stand out from the crowd, how to enter the DC market when I am in Cleveland, etc. Below is a breif snapshot of me, but I would be willing to go more in depth if desired.

    About me: Young professional with 2 years post-graduation experience in property management.

    Locations: Looking for a position in the DC area. I would be willing to relocate at my own expense.

    Career Interests: Healthcare, Environmental and Social organizations

    Personal Interests: Traveling, Languages, Reading, National Parks.

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    Welcome to GovLoop, Cynthia. You may want to check out this resource to assist your move from Cleveland to DC:

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    Cynthia Hinkle


    Thank you for sending me this link. The one thing I always have to remember is with the Federal Government jobs it takes a while to hear back. I applied for this wonderful job I really really want with the National Park Service. The position is called Park Ranger, Special Events Coordinator. I think I can have a real positive impact on the NPS and I hope I will be able to prove that. I will keep this resource in mind as I apply for more positions. Thank you!

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