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    Nichole Henley

    What defines “women’s rights?” I’m a married, 26 year old woman, with an eight month old son, and I work, fulltime—AND I LOVE IT. I’ve noticed a trend among other women my age who have the same opinion as I do- we WANT to work. We don’t want to leave the workplace to raise our children. Sure, both my husband’s and my paychecks are needed to keep our lifestyle afloat but when we decided to have children it was not a question of WHO would quit their job. It was HOW do we BOTH make this work?

    I have received some questionable remarks and concerned inquiries as to why I don’t quit my job to raise my son. And I won’t even go into the remarks I receive when I tell folks I plan on having more kids. Perhaps And even more astounded looks when they hear that I worked during my maternity leave. I’m not the typical wife/mother in that I expect my husband to share all parental responsibilities– which was well demonstrated last week when my son was sick. Both he and I took turns taking off from work to stay home with him.

    My point is this– women’s rights are defined differently for each woman. As my employer, don’t assume that I’m going to have babies, lose my professional drive and not desire a leadership position. I think now more than ever women are proving that they can do it all and have dinner ready by 7pm (yes, we eat late and it’s not ALWAYS a home-cooked meal but we’re doing it as a family). As my friend, don’t assume that my husband isn’t satisfied and that my child is unwanted. I tell you I’m just as dedicated in my home as I am in the workplace. And studies have shown that during this economic crisis, women have stepped up to the plate as more men have lost their jobs.

    I think I can go against any professional male out there right now and if not supercede him, I will at least be a great match against him. I’m determined, I’m eager but I’m also a loving wife and attentive mother.

    Anyone else have the same or different opinions? Like I said, there is no collective meaning for women’s rights. It’s individual.

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    Kate Yemelyanov

    I once had a senior leader in my bureau ask me in a full staff meeting who was looking after my newly born third child after I returned to work. I told him she was in a basket in a closet where she would be safe until I got home. People do make the darnedest assumptions about what’s appropriate to ask of moms – don’t get me started on strangers asking about breast-feeding plans.

    I dig your zeal. I had my first at 26 under similar circumstances to yours. I also want to be in the workplace and I have risen professionally while bearing/raising three kids. My husband works full time and shares parenting duties. (But let me know how you feel about this when you’re 40. Because I am militant about our right to be here, but I am also EXHAUSTED.)

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