Mary J. Blige Pitching NASA Programs – Which Celebrity Could Help Your Agency/City/State?

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    Mr. GovLoop’s “Top 5” this week suggests some potential public service jobs for Ashley Judd now that she’s secured her Master’s of Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School.

    Then I saw a tweet from @NASA with a link to this video:

    So which celebrity could bring awareness about a project or program being run by your agency, city or state?

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    Stephen Peteritas

    Hmmm this is a good question. I think that a lot can go right with celeb endorsements (look at New Orleans) but I also think there are more misses than hits with those campaigns. Just the other day I saw that Mississippi has hired David Hasselhoff to do a one hour special promoting the state as a tourist location:

    Not sure that the Hoff is a good choice.

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    John Solomon

    Jack Bauer…I mean Kiefer Sutherland for citizen emergency preparedness

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    I like this one! Big ’24’ fan here…

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    Nice job NASA! I’d like to see Thad Allen – the “Master of Disaster” – team up with Tom Ridge, the fist DHS Secretary to encourage citizens to join the Department of Homeland Security.

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    The last ‘five steps to fight the flu’ public service announcement in Illinios sucked. I’m sure we could get Vince Vaughn to do one on the fly that would be a something that would get the message out.

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    Kevin Carter

    Would not trade John Berry for any celeb.

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    AJ Malik

    Remy Munasifi, the viral video celebrity, did quite the viral video promo for Arlington.

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    Chris Bennett

    Sorry, Morgan Freeman has you beat. We collaborated with him briefly on P!N (Plan !t Now)

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    Tom Bullington

    Without a doubt, people would listen to, and trust, Tom Hanks. If Hanks became the face and voice of any agency, it would be a major coup.

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    It has to be a voice and/or a face that the public trusts. My mind turns to those who already have a presence through the private sector…Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Campbell Scott, James Earl Jones, Dennis Haysbert (from the Allstate commercials).

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    Renata Lana

    For those who are foodies, celebrity chefs Barton Seaver, Dave Pasternack, and others have helped NOAA promote our “Eat Lionfish” campaign, which is focused on supporting a US market for this delicious invasive species.

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