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    Cynthia Schoeppel

    I am looking for mentoring best practices and/or agencies with exceptional mentoring programs.

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    Terrence Hill

    I know that some organizations use systems like The Mentoring Connection to match mentors and proteges. It’s soft of a “” for mentors.

    I also think a great way to get mentors engaged and allow proteges to meet a variety of interested mentors is to have a “Speed Mentoring” session (sort of like Speed Dating). The USCG has a great “Speed Mentoring Toolkit” to get you started.

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    Doris Tirone

    Hi Cynthia ~

    If you haven’t already found this, perhaps this OPM guidance would be helpful. There’s also something from The Evaluation & Training Group (EMT) that might be useful.

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    Hi Cynthia – Ours is certainly not at “best practice” status yet, but we’ve learned some lessons and we’ve adjusted the program we’ve just launched based on what we learned.

    I’ll also reach out to our partners – The Training Connection – as they run dozens of these programs for agencies.

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    Too bad we couldn’t do it from the ground up. I think there is more interest in finding a mentor than in being one…

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    Ken Boxer

    Hello Cynthia!

    I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago that contains a complimentary eBook titled “8 Success Factors for Successful Mentoring.” This brief booklet contains a few of the strategies my colleague Mindy Zasloff, our mentoring practice lead and an expert in the field of mentoring, has complied based on her experience over the last 20 years. Please feel free to check it out as I believe it is a valuable resource!

    Celebrating Mentoring Month with A Free eBook

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