Mentoring in the federal government – What’s your experience? What does your agency or department offer?

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    Mindy Larson

    Hi –

    I am writing a guide to workplace mentoring for
    federal employers with a particular focus on increasing workplace
    diversity and inclusiveness. I have read the OPM publication “Best Practices: Mentoring” and plan to build upon some of that content. If anyone has an experiences, opinions or insights to share, also questions, related to the topic of increasing mentoring in the federal workplace and how it relates to promoting diversity and inclusion of minorities, including individuals with disabilities, please share. You can email me personally if you prefer at [email protected].


    Mindy Larson
    Center for Workforce Development, Institute for Educational Leadership
    Washington, DC

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    David Paschane

    Sounds great. I hope to see your work when you are done. I recommend you touch base with my colleague who is writing a dissertation on mentoring. He is Don Sanders at the VA, 202-245-4037, or [email protected]

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    Mindy Larson

    Thanks for this recommendation, David!

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    I hear we have some mentoring going on at VA, but not in my part of the agency 🙁
    I hope someone resolves that soon. I certainly wouldn’t mind mentoring someone who might want to get into programming or project management.

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    Ed Powell

    You need an executive champion that will invest the time and effort to institutionalize mentoring!

    Some years ago, Linda Combs, the Asst Secretary for Management at the Department of the Treasury actively promoted mentoring and was personally mentoring three individuals in Treasury bureaus. The mentoring infrastructure she sponsored was developed and her extremely visible participation, gave other people “permission” to mentor. Traction was building then, tragically, Ms. Combs left Treasury to become a caregiver for a very ill parent. (She wrote a book about thatb experience.) The entire program wilted and died.

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    Mindy Larson

    Thanks for sharing your insights Ed and Marilyn!

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    I’m chamioning a few other things right now, but I’ll add that to the list! 🙂

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    Barbara Plantt

    I manage a Mentoring Program at the VA Health Administation Center in Denver, CO which has been very successful and is growing each year. Although we do not place any particular emphasis on diversity or inclusiveness I would say it covers both. I would be happy to visit with you about our program if you would like. Our center is naturally a very diverse population because of where we are populated and our focus on our SEPs. Email me if you would like some more information, [email protected], 303-398-5110


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