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    Henry Brown

    Microsoft Press Release:

    Microsoft unleashes fall wave of enterprise cloud solutions

    New Windows Server, System Center, Visual Studio, Windows Azure, Windows Intune, SQL Server, and Dynamics solutions will accelerate cloud benefits for customers.

    REDMOND, Wash. — Oct. 7, 2013 — Microsoft Corp. on Monday announced a wave of new enterprise products and services to help companies seize the opportunities of cloud computing and overcome today’s top IT challenges. Complementing Office 365 and other services, these new offerings deliver on Microsoft’s enterprise cloud strategy.

    Satya Nadella, Cloud and Enterprise executive vice president, said, “As enterprises move to the cloud they are going to bet on vendors that have best-in-class software as a service applications, operate a global public cloud that supports a broad ecosystem of third party services, and deliver multi-cloud mobility through true hybrid solutions. If you look across the vendor landscape, you can see that only Microsoft is truly delivering in all of those areas.” More comments from Nadella can be found on The Official Microsoft Blog.

    Hybrid infrastructure and modern applications

    To help customers build IT infrastructure that delivers continuous services and applications across clouds, on Oct. 18 Microsoft will release Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2. Together, these new products empower companies to create datacenters without boundaries using Hyper-V for high-scale virtualization; high-performance storage at dramatically lower costs; built-in, software-defined networking; and hybrid business continuity. The new Windows Azure Pack runs on top of Windows Server and System Center, enabling enterprises and service providers to deliver self-service infrastructure and platforms from their datacenters.

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    Henry Brown

    More information and commentary from “The Official Microsoft Blog

    The Enterprise Cloud takes center stage

    Today as we launch our fall wave of enterprise cloud products and services, I’ve been reflecting on how things change. A few years ago when I joined what was then the Server and Tools Business, I had the opportunity to talk to financial analysts about our business. Interestingly, after I covered the trends and trajectory of a $19 billion business – what would independently be one of the top three software companies in the world – there were no questions. Zero.

    Well, recently that has changed. As of late, there has been a lot of interest in what I call the commercial business, which spans nearly every area of enterprise IT and represents about 58 percent of Microsoft’s total revenue. It’s a critical business for us, with great momentum and one to which we are incredibly committed.

    But as people look at our commercial business in this age of cloud computing, big data and the consumerization of IT, people are asking questions about our future strength in the enterprise. Will Microsoft continue to be at the core of business computing in, say, 10 years? I’ll be honest that there’s a little déjà vu in that question; 10 years ago many people doubted our ability to be an enterprise company and today we surely are. But, it’s a question worth exploring.

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    Henry Brown

    Some additional Commentary and information from Venture Beat:

    Microsoft is building an Azure cloud for the government

    Microsoft will soon offer a cloud platform specifically tailored to government customers, the company revealed at a San Francisco press conference Monday.

    With data centers in Iowa and Virginia, the “Windows Azure U.S. Government Cloud” closely resembles Azure for enterprises with some additional security measures. Government clients can choose a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution based on their individual requirements.

    “This will offer U.S. government customers a dedicated community cloud for data, applications and infrastructure, hosted in the continental U.S. and managed by U.S. personnel,” reads a press statement.


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    David B. Grinberg

    This is very helpful info, Henry. Cloud computing is the cutting edge of IT and more folks need to be familiar with it.

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