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    Allison Primack

    Last week we discussed how to manage Millennials. But say you are not in charge of a Millennial – you work alongside one.

    When working in teams, it is valuable to have members with different skills and strengths. However, in order to keep everyone sane, it is crucial for everyone to be aware of the other’s work habits and routines.

    In many government offices, it is not abnormal to have team members from several generations working together, so I am wondering:

    Have you been on a team with a Millennial? Has it been different than working on a team with an older govie? How so?

    Millennials – what should others know about your teamworking skills and habits? What makes you thrive on teams?

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    Ami Wazlawik

    I do best in teams where everyone is open and honest about their abilities and work habits. When team members really listen to one another and provide constructive criticism things seem to flow well. Also, we’ve all worked with our share of slackers – my best team experiences have been those in which folks carry their weight, and let others know if they’re overwhelmed so we can all shift workload accordingly.

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