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    Allison Primack

    Its no secret that your average Millennial employee functions very differently than your average Gen Y employee. Millennials have different expectations and needs for the workplace, and therefore require a different type of management style. features an article in their Human Resources section that provides 11 Tips for Managing
    . The author gives this advice:

    • Provide structure
    • Provide leadership and guidance
    • Encourage their self-assuredness, “can-do” attitude, and positive personal self-image
    • Take advantage of the their comfort level with teams and encourage them to join
    • Listen to them
    • Provide a challenge and change
    • Allow them to multi-task, and work on several projects at once
    • Take advantage of their computer, cell phone, and electronic literacy
    • Capitalize on their affinity for networking
    • Provide a life-work balanced workplace
    • Provide a fun, employee-centered workplace

    Millennials – which points do you agree with? Disagree with?

    Have you managed a Millennial before? What tips would you add to this list?

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    Ami Wazlawik

    Hm, my top five: provide structure, listen to them, allow them to multitask, provide a life-work balanced and employee-centered workplace. As with any broad generalizations, these will apply to some but not necessarily all millennials. For example, though many of us have had a lot of experience networking, some of us really don’t enjoy doing it. I’m an introvert and networking, though helpful and, at times necessary, is not on my top ten favorite activities list.

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    Josh Heard

    As a millenial the only thing I really ‘disagree’ with is encouraging self-assurance and positive self-image.

    Should you compliment someone on a job well done? Certainly.

    Should you feel the need to coddle my feelings, fear my temper tantrum and prepare for emotional heartache if things don’t go my way or if i’m disciplined? No.

    I say disagree in ‘air quotes’ because it’s not really the problem of the employer so much as it is that my generation has been doted upon with participation medals and pizza parties for coming in last. I once got a medal in elementary school olympic field day for coming in 4th place, sigh (I think it was tin).

    Millenials owe it to the workplace to conform to expectations as much as the reverse. Employers owe it to their organization and society at large to shape and mold young minds, more accurately, young egos.

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