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    Peter Sperry

    I just blocked email notifications from a government vendor whose products and services I actually like, respect and generally want to learn more about. Later this afternoon I will move through my in-box and block or cancel several more. All of them are good companies. I am interested in keeping up with new developments in their product line.

    I signed up for email notifications from these companies expecting 3-5 emials a week when they had meaningful information to convey. I am getting 5-7 emails a day from most of them, often repeating the same information provided in previous emails. They have become the government marketing equivilant of the robo calls generated during political campaigns; interesting at first, then repetitious and finally down right annoying.

    What is it about the marketing community which seems to block any and all understanding of the term “moderation”? Saturation marketing may have been effective 20 years ago, but sometimes the definition of insanity is doing the same thing (saturation) over and over and over again expecting to get the same results as when the technique was fresh and new.

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    Peter G. Tuttle

    I get drowned with stuff too even though I am in industry. I keep my RSS feeds and similar things but the repetitive marketing blasts get old and decrease in value the more I see them the same day or week. Cheers and good luck weeding out the sheep from the goats. Pete

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    Jaime Gracia

    This is juts spam and white noise. Like Pete, I get bombarded everyday. I only send out pertinent information, with permission, monthly at a minimum. Building brand and awareness is great, but the way we experience it is ridiculous. In fact, it makes me NOT want to do business with you. How is flooding my email and voicemail effective? Am I going to buy from you just to stop the emails?

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