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    Brianna E. Azzara

    -This post is from a local state government list serv to which I am a member. Just thought I’d pass this along:

    We prefer a four year degree with significant experience in diverse environments, strong technical skills, customer service, teamwork and professionalism and a desire to mentor others with solid IT disciplines. We are looking for experience to include 2 years hands on technical work with virtualization and 2 years official direct supervision. We will evaluate every applicant to determine if their mix of education and experience meets our needs. Candidates with significant education and experience may meet those preferences based on education, diversity of technical work and levels of hands on technical experience. The best candidate will be one who genuinely wants to bring their knowledge to the table, share with and learn from others and lead for group and organization success.

    If you know of someone who may be interested, please have them look at our website and apply. This position is open until filled, but we are working aggressively to find the perfect candidate.

    Darlene Yudell, CGCIO
    CIO/IT Director | Moore County | 206 S. Ray St. | PO Box 905 | Carthage, NC 28327
    Desk: 910.947.7100 Cell: 910.639.0176 Fax: 910-947-3874 Helpdesk: 910.947.6306 option 0

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