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    Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year. Who wouldn’t love a day that is devoted to eating and watching football? I always enjoy celebrating all of the blessings of life while eating turkey and my mother’s broccoli casserole (no table should be without it).

    The one problem I have with this holiday is the day after Thanksgiving, a day commonly known as Black Friday. Sure, Black Friday is a great day to find amazing deals and get those Christmas gifts for a lot less money, but it’s pure madness. The camp outs, the outrageous check out lines, and even stampedes are enough to make me want to stay far away from any store with a Black Friday sale.

    This year I’m spending Thanksgiving with my girlfriend and her family, and she informed me this morning that we will be heading out to the mall around 3AM to get our spots in line for a morning full of shopping. She couldn’t be more excited, and I’m sort of terrified. As this is my first experience, I have to ask… Is anyone out there a Black Friday shopper? Have any advice or tips?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Daniel Crystal

    Yes. Shop online.

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    Steve Ressler

    I feel like the worst part of Black Friday is about 9am-2pm. Either go super early and get all the deals, shop online, or go later at like 2pm after people have chilled out.

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    We take the week off, and do some shopping in the days leading up to Black Friday, but that day, we find something off the beaten path to do. I hate shopping on Black Friday. I did get up really early, against my better judgement, one year to go get a present for my husband that he really wanted. The sale was over 50% off. People were fighting over tools and yanking things out of people’s hands. I did get a great picture of the sunrise over the ocean though, and surprised my husband on Christmas.

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    Robert Eckhardt

    I suppose having a rational conversation with your girlfriend about why you think this is crazy won’t help.

    I have a few friends who shop on Black Friday and they mostly do so because they enjoy the sport of it. They view it as a competition more than a way to save money, if they get one of the 5 $50 50″ TVs then they win. Perhaps if you embraced this aspect you could *gasp* enjoy it.

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    Wear something comfortable…especially shoes. Be prepared for lots of shoving and pushing. I don’t like shopping that day due to the crowds. Check out off beat stores as they have great deals and are less crowded.

    I did go out a couple of years ago to get a great deal on the flat screen tv…..but was smart, it was advertized at one of the local grocery stores….no lines (maybe 10 people and some were there for groceries). We sat in the deli and had breakfast until we could check out and laughed at the ones trying to get the same deal at the local big box store.

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    Jeffrey E. Turner

    If you want to do some cyber-shopping on Black Friday, the U.S. Government Online Bookstore will be having a “Black Friday/Cyber Monday” sale. Several really interesting Federal publications will be discounted, including “Ponzimonium: How Scam Artists are Ripping off America”, and “Deep Water: The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling”.

    The sale starts on Thanksgiving and runs through the following Monday. The US Government Online Bookstore can be found at .

    Have a terrific Thanksgiving, everyone!

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    Jeff Ribeira

    100% online. I haven’t bought a Christmas present in an actual store for quite a few years.

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    I love your attitude Terri. Look for the positives and you will have plenty to overcome the negatives. Well, I plan to use Black Friday to study for the Certified in Financial Forensics exam. Call me crazy if you will but I’d rather do that than be at the mall on that day.

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    Megan Dotson

    Me too! I can’t remember the last time I bought a present that wasn’t already pre-packaged and shipped. Online you don’t have to deal with lines, rude people or the one item you trekked across town for and/or waited in line for and it was sold out. AND online you can read customer reviews, compare prices and find the perfect item with knowledge 🙂

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    Kathleen Ely

    Our family makes a point of shopping locally, which doesn’t mean that you go to the local appliance store for the 50″ television. So instead of a single day of mad shopping we shop locally throughout the year and then have time to spend with each other, and on the ski hill during the holidays. It seems to me that time is a better gift than any amount of money.

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    Tammie Shipe

    Avoid it!! 🙂 But if you must go, Definitely wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers — you might be cold or hot depending on where the line is… If you are a caffeine addict, bring your own thermos.

    We draw names on my side and are doing handmade gifts for a lot of people on our list this year. How about going to see a movie? Or taking the time to donate blood at your local red cross. (I donated this morning and our red cross is open on Thanksgiving day and the gal was telling me that there is a family of about 30 people that comes to donate every Thanksgiving day – I heard that the media might be there this year). Also have heard of people cleaning out their house/closet of extra when everyone else is stocking up, they are purging and donating to charity…

    Good Luck!!!

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    Brenda Price

    Have a plan for what you want to buy, assign one person to get in the checkout line while the other person finds the merchandise you came for (saves lots of time), and remember that items may not be in the usual locations. Smile at the other customers, be grateful that you have money to purchase presents for people you care about, and don’t forget to spend a few dollars with the independent business store owners who will be very glad to have your business any day of the year.

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    Ed Albetski

    You can get the same prices online. Why get up early and stand in lines?

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    Jacqueline Bennett

    I’m a black Friday shopper. I advise you to wear some good comfortable shoes. Get the sales paper in advice to map out a plan of attack!

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    Jennifer Comella

    If you gave away the whole store for free you couldn’t get me to go out to a store on Black Friday!

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    Elliot Volkman

    Bingo – Cyber Monday!

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    Preston G. Baker

    My wife and I definetly agree on one thing and that is to never, ever shop on Black Friday again. Perhaps it is better in your neck of the woods but it is sheer madness in NYC.

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    Carol Davison

    I like the stand in cashier’s line for your wing man suggestion. I recommend bringing cell phones so you can communicate.

    I unplugged the Christmas machine years ago when the hypocrisy and stress of the season made me cry. My family also decided to only give gifts to minors. Now I make one shopping trip for mom and the kids, and celebrate Christ’s mass giving presents to those he would gift. Because this is consistent with my values I now have Merry Christmas’s.

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