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    Lisa Roper

    I’m trying to contact as many folks as possible. My position has been abolished with the Forest Service due to reorganization.

    If you know of any virtual webmaster positions I would sure appreciate the information.

    I was hoping there would be enough folks out there needing my services that I might be able to stay on board.

    I backed up Tony Freeman (my mentor – R9 RO Webmaster) when he was still here several years ago. Then I backed the RO up for about a year until Tony’s position was contracted out. I received 3 awards from the RO for providing this service. I have worked with each contractor trying to bring them up to speed with the FS way, as well as backing them up when needed. The virtual position has always worked great.

    I have extensive experience in both the Portal and FSWEB environments, as well as, 508 and PDF creation.

    I post New Clips and SSRS stories for our forest. I also work in the PALS database.

    I have managed Twitter and Flickr accounts and am a member of GovLoop.

    I have recently learned to edit audio files. I can also transcribe those audio files to text.

    Anyway….for what it’s worth……

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Steve Ressler

    That’s so sad to here.

    Definitely should be able to leverage all that great experience into another federal webmaster job.

    Where are you based (I know want virtual but curious as may be regional positions for webmasters like EPA)? Grade level?

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    Lisa Roper

    I am based in Harrisburg, Illinois. I have backed up our Regional Office webmaster for years. I am a 9/7.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Emi Whittle

    So sorry to hear – I’ll probably be in that boat someday too…. There is an article, I think Yahoo news, about best virtual jobs – google it and several things will probably come up. I recall that Aetna was one of the companies. Google, itself, has some online jobs. And of course, don’t forget usajobs – post some resumes there. And, sad to say, now is probably the best time to be unemployed due to the extension of unemployment benefits – you earned them and I believe it is A-OK to use them!!! Find your branch and you can apply on your last day of work. Also, there are several job-listing twitter feeds I’m sure you are already aware of… couldn’t hurt to keep an eye on those/post something there. Best wishes to you – I know this can be so darn stressful. You have many great skills – good luck to you!

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