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    Kevin Hutchins

    I have a question pertaining to organizational hiring practices.

    Back Story;

    I am a prior service member, who was hired by the DOD as a civilian after my service commitment. I worked for the DOD for a few years, obtaining permanent Tenure 1 status. I recently applied and was awarded a position with the Dept. of Army. The position was solicited as a Modified Term Appointment. I was told by the hiring official that this would have no impact on myself, because I was already permanent. I signed a MOU stating – I would agree to a Mod Term Appoint with RIF rights. Past practice of the organization was converting all mod terms to permanent if they transferred regardless of the solicited appointment. I served my probationary period and paid “my dues,” per say. 6 months into my hire date, HRO sent me another MOU asking me to sign it, this time stating I was a Mod term without RIF rights. Fishy?

    My Question(s)

    1. Once you are a permanent Federal Employee, do you always maintain that? Minus any disciplinary actions, of course.

    2. Should there be a disclosure memorandum explaining the giving up of tenure rights for the new appointment?

    3. Can an organization use term appointment as its hiring practice?

    I was reading in the OPM manual that an organization should not use that as a hiring practice. Creates low moral. It also reads, if work is projected long term then it is advised not to use term appointments. My service comp date is early 2006, giving me just over 7 years. Any Advise on this would be greatly appreciated. I hope to hear all your thoughts.

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