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    Steve Ressler

    Partnership for Public Service wrote a great article in Washington Post entitled “5 Myths about Federal Workers”.

    Their 5 myths were – 1) Federal workers are overpaid, 2) The federal workforce is bigger than ever, 3) You can’t fire a federal worker, 4) Most federal workers are paper-pushing clerks, and 5) Pay or hiring freeze would help solve the federal deficit
    I think there are thousands of other myths about government workers (not just feds).
    What’s a myth you see?
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    Steve Ressler

    Myth – Working for the government is all the same.

    False…There are hundreds of different agencies, sub-agencies, types of government, and types of work. Working for a small agency like SBA is different than working at the 200,000 person DHS. Working for a small county is different than working at NYC. Working in IT is different than HR. While working in government has some similarities, there is also a ton of differences based on the agency, type of government, who your boss is, and more.

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