NASA and Census Bureau shared their cloud computing tips- what are yours?

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    Molly Walker

    Last week, at an event sponsored by GovDelivery, NASA Deputy Chief Technology Officer Tsengdar Lee and Census Bureau Chief Information Officer Brian McGrath shared some tips for federal IT managers considering the cloud. Both McGrath and Lee have deployed cloud computing successfully at their agencies (you can read more about it and the full list of tips here).

    Here are some of their tips:

    • Don’t assume someone else can do it better than you can in house.
    • Before contracting any cloud services, have a clear understanding of ownership and privacy in the service level agreement.
    • Consider how the physical proximity of data centers–which store virtual data and applications–to access points will affect performance.
    • Make sure cloud solutions and SLAs approrpiately match the security levels of programs and applications.

    One tip I’ve often heard is that IT should have a clear plan for what does and doesn’t belong in the cloud. Not all applications are suited for a cloud environment and sometimes existing structures can make cloud deployment for certain segments especially difficult.

    Do you have a tip (or a word of caution) on cloud computing?

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