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    Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD) risk records provide the context for knowledge-based risks—web-based, multi-media knowledge bundles that provide users with expert advice on risk control and mitigation strategies for specific technical risks. HEOMD defines a knowledge-based risk as a risk record, with as­sociated knowledge artifacts, that provides a storytelling narrative of how the risk was mitigated and what worked or did not work. A knowledge-based risk is also a means of transferring knowledge within the Continuous Risk Management process. As key risks are mitigated, particularly risks that are likely to recur across other programs in HEOMD, knowledge is captured and transferred. Knowledge-based risks identify the effective­ness of mitigation activities, specifically in terms of cost, schedule, and technical performance. Instead of a “collect, store, and ignore” approach, knowledge-based risks form an active collection of lessons learned that are continually reused and updated.

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