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    Juan Jackson

    Established in May 2007 by Executive Order 13434, the National Security Professional Development (NSPD) program is a government-wide initiative to develop a cadre of National Security Professionals (NSP) who possess a broad understanding of our Nation’s national security objectives beyond their own agency’s missions, and the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to lead and execute coordinated, effective national security operations.

    Please go to the below links for more information on the program to include governance and recommended reading lists: (Must be DoD and requires registration)

    FY10 NDAA recommended a study be completed by a non-partition organization to review each agency’s current progress and the way forward.

    I currently work in the DoD NSPD branch. We are moving forward to create training and professional experience opportunities to enhance the needs of our NSPs.

    I would appreciate any feedback on the NSPD program.

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    Steve Ressler

    On the website, I’d love to hear real-life first-person stories of people that have gone through the program and their experience. Where they were and where they are now.

    Also, I think it would be great for members of the program to share what they are learning with others by blogging their experiences (perhaps at a place like GovLoop or elsewhere)

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    Juan Jackson

    Thanks for the input Steve & Max,

    Great idea about adding real-life first-person stories of people. I think that will assist in promoting the program.

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    Steve Ressler

    Your welcome Juan. Sounds like a great program. Maybe even some quick low-budget videos hearing people from the program talk about their experience. Could shoot with iPhone or Flip camera

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