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    Shannon Kennedy

    I don’t know about you, but the worst part of doing research (for a paper or related task) has always been finding what I need. I remember while in school that the library was always my go-to place for research, but I always entered it knowing that I would have a migraine after attempting to navigate through the various floors and rows of what seemed like countless collections of books and articles.

    Tufts University has grown into a library system with holdings of more than 1.2 million volumes and other materials. According to ESRI, the library developed a 3D geographic infromation system (GIS)-based information system that incorporates thelibrary’s existing data management programs in order to manage this system.

    The system called L-SIMS helps reference librarians better direct students to the resources in the library as well as keeping disaster plans and records up-to-date. When a student comes needs help from the reference desk, the librarian can provide them with a detailed map showing the stack where the book can be found.

    ESRI reported that the Tufts GIS center used ArcGIS to generate high-quality maps. Previously, when changes occurred to the library, complicated remapping would have to occur, a task which was found to be extremely time consuming. L-SIMS allows for quick updates.

    I definitely wish that I had had access to something like this when I was in school.

    How else could this be used?


    When Esri was founded in 1969, it realized even then that geographic information system(GIS) technology could make a difference in society. GIS helps people to solve problems at local, regional, national, and global scales. Access maps and apps at ESRI is a proud partner of GovLoop. Check out ESRI on Facebook and Twitter.

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