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    Navy Needs IT Specialists with Business Skills

    By Bob Brewin at Nextgov

    The Navy and Marine Corps need to develop a civilian information technology and cyberspace workforce as steeped in business skills as technical expertise, according to the Navy Cyber/IT Workforce Strategic Plan for fiscal 2010 through 2013, released on July 16.

    Developed by Navy Chief Information Officer Rob Carey, who will join the Fleet Cyber Command later this year, the plan focuses on aligning IT priorities with mission requirements and integrating technology into business processes, creating a need for IT professionals with not only technical savvy but also business and interpersonal skills.

    “Looking forward, the [Navy] will continue to seek IT professionals who understand business fundamentals and are able to collaborate and work with individuals at all levels throughout the department, from end users, to engineers, to executives,” the workforce plan said. Click here for full article.

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    Eric Melton

    As a recent student of Lean Six Sigma and a current student of both Intl business and PMI Project Management principles, I’m learning that understanding Project Management and Business Management are essentially the same skill set. If you can effectively run a project, you can use the same principles to run a business.
    IT projects in govt are often the most challenging and costly, but can also reap high rewards in effectiveness and cost effectiveness if done correctly. So it’s indeed a positive step for any agency to recognize that IT specialists and IT managers need to understand business.

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