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    Steve Ressler
    From a friend…I don’t want to get into the politics here but could be good opportunity for right company

    Internship Program Introduction

    Mercy Corps is implementing an ICT development program with the
    goal of contributing to the development and expansion of a Palestinian
    knowledge-based economy. A knowledge-based economy depends mainly on
    ICT utilization, and developing the ICT-sector requires technical
    skills. However, Palestinians in Gaza are deprived the right of free
    movement, and as a result they have not received the knowledge and
    experience that happens in other countries. For this reason Mercy Corps
    has established new pilot program to assess the possibility of engaging
    ICT oriented youth graduates in an internship work experience, in some
    reputable organizations that are functioning in Gaza. Through this
    pilot program 20 interns will be matched with reputable employers
    according to employer’s prioritized requirements. Employers’ selection
    depends on the following:

    1. Type and level of experience that will be given to apprentice;
    2. Likelihood of longer term offer from employer to apprentice;
    3. Proper office setup (including supervision) for apprentice to be able to work and learn productively;
    4. If employer offers orientation/training for new employees.

    part of this program, we are also assessing the possibility of
    providing internship opportunities for Palestinians to work remotely
    with international businesses. In addition to transferring knowledge,
    Mercy Corps believes that through this activity we can create business
    bonds between local ICT professionals and their employers.

    ICT related specialization may include any of the following:

    • Programming,
    • Network administration,
    • Graphic and Multimedia Design,
    • Office Admin Assistant,
    • Computer and Networking,
    • Web Design, Web Content Development,
    • Database Development, computer based accounting,
    • A million other things we haven’t thought of.

    Therefore, if you have an interest in participating in such a program as an employer, we encourage you to fill in the on-line questionnaire at:

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information: [email protected]


    Sarah Ferris, Muneeb Abu-Ghazaleh,
    Deputy Mission Director Program Manager

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