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    Roberto Quinones

    On 4/13 “Speaker Pelosi and Committee on House Administration Chairman Robert A. Brady announced the development of a new, House-wide diversity initiative. The initiative, developed in consultation with House Republican Leader John Boehner and Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Dan Lungren, will focus on increasing House workforce diversity and opportunities for diverse candidates at all House staff levels.”


    What suggestions would you have to whoever manages this program to accomplish visible, quatifiable results and not just doing activities?

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    Steve Ressler

    Couple ideas:
    -Get ideas from current staff. Often this is done in HR silos without real input
    -A lot of it comes down to recruiting. Most people start working at the House because of a previous internship or they know someone there already. So there needs to be more outreach from the beginning (internships) as well as when a position is open.

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    Roberto Quinones

    Have folks seen today’s WashingtonPost article: “Study: Percentage of Latinos in federal workforce remains flat”



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