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    Steven Clift

    Beyond social media engagement like Facebook Pages/Groups or Twitter, what new digital tools is your government using to build greater public participation?

    I am particularly interested in tools that inform government decision-making and encourage useful public dialogue and deliberation. Have any of the tools you’ve used gone beyond raising the loudest voices?

    Steven Clift

    P.S. I was the initial leader of what is now MN.Gov and I am the Executive Director of which hosts online citizen dialogue about local issues independent of government. However, with this research I am looking for digital engagement tools people within government (or orgs engaging the public on policy issues) like to use officially.

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    Jason Leow

    I collected a bunch of tools for citizen co-creation:

    Not all are online tools though, but thought it might be relevant to your question anyhow. One thing I love about some of these analog tools is how it can help balance out the loudest voices by encouraging participation from the silent majority. Even the humble Post-It sticky note is useful for that, because one Post-It carries equal weight as another, even if one was from someone with a loud voice! 😀

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