NGGS 2011 and what did you walk away with?

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    Andy Bahar

    All I can say is “Wow.” The NGGS 2011 was so amazing and filled with so much energy from all who attended. It was such a relieve to meet people from local, state or federal government agencies that were having the same issues within their agencies and how they came up with ways resolve the problems or find a comprise. All of the speakers were great and they motivated me to continue to make the change in my organization and they passed knowledge and resources to help. They encouraged us to believe that it only takes one voice to make the water ripple. The first step is to find that one idea or process that you are passionate about drive forward because we all have the power of a leader within us all. Hope to see everyone back next year.

    What did you walk away with from the NGGS 2011?

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