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    David Dejewski

    Employees who are currently deemed ‘essential” get the short end of the stick in a shutdown where Congress decides to pay employees retroactively.

    Non-furloughed employees are still fighting traffic. They’re still working full days. They’re picking up the workload for others who aren’t in the office. And they don’t get paid any sooner or any differently than employees who are at home doing whatever they choose to do.

    Government employees are lucky to get on the non-essential list. It’s a paid vacation.

    How about calling furloughs of this nature “The Great Late Paid Vacation?” That way, folks will sock a little holding money away, stock up on some beverages for the fridge, and look forward to the next one.

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    David B. Grinberg

    David, as a “non-essential” furloughed fed, I can assure you that I am not spending money on a beach-side vacation, especially without pay.

    And while you are technically correct about a “paid vacation” per se — that is, assuming back pay is in fact forthcoming (not a done deal yet) — there aren’t any furloughed feds that I know who view the current situation this way.

    Most of us, as you know, are shuffling bills and personal household spending priorities until this mess ends. Most of us are hoping and praying to return to work ASAP.

    I agree that in an ideal world the “essential” feds should be paid for working. However, to imply that feds suffering through furloughs are on vacation at the beach and jumping for joy is both disingenuous and far fetched — as someone of your high intelligence surely knows.

    Thank you for considering this.

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    Mark Bowman

    In the 1995-96 Federal Furlough the non essential personnel I knew were smiling ear to ear. I was on the other end of the deal, essential, even then it wasn’t clear we would get paid. Bitter pill for those left holding the bag! We are all affected in different ways. What is clear today for me is we voted someone in to do a job. I don’t have any bias of one or the other at the top middle and bottom other than they have failed the people. I listen allot, sometimes speak my mind, knee jerk reaction is to vote them out. How many up for re election? What good would that do give them a paid retirement for life? It is depressing to me that one could take advantage of the position. Are our children seeing the example they are acting out, it’s not one I want them or the world to watch. I tend to think civilization is digressing but maybe that little bit of optimism in me is saying no there is just more of us and them. I want to change the rules for them to work for us no matter if the 28 or so I have given gives me nothing or gets me something.

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