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    Josh Folk

    Does anyone have good ideas for non-monetary prizes for internal challenges/ideation campaigns?

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    Steve Ressler

    Lunch with an executive or high up person

    Swag (tshirts, hats, etc)

    Put face on home page of intranet
    Day off/time off
    A cool tour (like a behind the scenes tour of a cool part of the agency)

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    Josh Folk

    Thanks! Jenn Gustetic also made a good point that a non-monetary prize can still “cost” the agency money. EX: paid trips to HQ or conferences, plaques, etc.

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    Ethan McMahon

    At EPA we offered no money, but a lot of recognition. The challenge depends on a lot of things like the level of interest in the subject, how much you’re willing to help developers (eg, make your data very accessible for them), who will see the submissions (high-profile judges are nice), and if there’s money to be made with the apps. You can provide other rewards, like travel to a high-profile conference, and that doesn’t have to be considered a cash prize. Feel free to contact me off line at mcmahon.ethan at

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    Terrence Hill

    These are all good ideas. In addition, some organization bring field folks to HQ to help implement their idea (paying for TDY). Some organizations give a fixed amount to spend at the “company store” where they can purchase logo merchandize. Getting to meet the President is the prize for the annual SAVE awards. Being the star of a short video about the idea and posting it on the organization’s YouTube channel is a nice way to recognize the winner. Dinner with the executive (including the spouse), free parking, or even naming a conference room after someone are also good. I could go on forever, but check out the book 1001 Ways to Reward Employees, by Dr. Bob Nelson for the complete list.

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    Josh Folk

    Terry: thanks for the recommendation!

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    Josh Folk

    I’m not positive. But you can easily reach her @JennGustetic. This is good stuff, in fact, I’m going to do some more research and compile a short e-book on the topic for best practices.

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