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    Henry Brown

    NSA Surveillance Leaks: Facts and Fiction

    Watch on YouTube:
    (first 15 minutes are simply introductions)

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    Henry Brown

    Complete transcript (15,000 words) posted on ODNI
    Newseum Special Program: NSA Surveillance Leaks: Facts and Fiction

    A quote from the General Council for ODNI

    I’m reminded a little bit of a quote that, like many quotes, is attributed to Mark Twain but in fact is not Mark Twain’s, which is that a lie can get halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on. And unfortunately, there’s been a lot of misinformation that’s come out about these programs. And what I would like to do in the next couple of minutes is actually go through and explain what the programs are and what they aren’t.

    I particularly want to emphasize that I hope you come away from this with the understanding that neither of the programs that have been leaked to the press recently are indiscriminate sweeping up of information without regard to privacy or constitutional rights or any kind of controls. In fact, from my boss, the director of national intelligence, on down through the entire intelligence community, we are in fact sensitive to privacy and constitutional rights. After all, we are citizens of the United States. These are our rights too.

    These programs, in fact, represent a careful effort to achieve the goals both of national security and of protection of individual rights. And they do this by a combination of restrictions on what kind of information can be collected, restrictions on how that information can be kept and used and multilayered oversight procedures.

    Currently (8:00 AM July 5) the PDF download is sorta broke:

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    Henry Brown

    Couple of issues!

    HIGHLY reccommend either listening or reading the entire presention….

    Wish this discussion had been held long before last week! …

    Very little in this discussion, as perhaps it should be, about the actual leak but more about security as defined by both the government and the public….

    Am impressed by the fact that Mr. Snowden was NOT mentioned but once or twice during the entire interview!

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    Henry Brown

    IMO Classic commentary by/from Bruce Schneier: (The source for my connection to the Video and ODNI’s posting)

    As always, the fundamental issue is trust. If you believe Litt, this is all very comforting. If you don’t, it’s more lies and misdirection. Taken at face value, it explains why so many tech executives were able to say they had never heard of PRISM: it’s the internal NSA name for the database, and not the name of the program. I also note that Litt uses the word “collect” to mean what it actually means, and not the way his boss, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Jr., used it to deliberately lie to Congress.

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