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    Henry Brown

    Interesting Numbers and suspect that this list does NOT include all the jobs available in the Federal Work Place…


    Office Clerk / Assistant 5915
    Administration & Program Staff 4992
    Information Technology Management Specialist 4584
    Management and Program Analyst 3977
    Contract Specialist 3820
    Business and Industry Specialist 2687
    Human Resources Specialist 2572
    Nurse 2142
    Engineer, General 2098
    Financial Administrator 2082
    Secretary 1990
    Human Resources Assistant 1711
    Medical Officer 1683
    Budget Analyst 1673
    Engineer, Civil 1565
    Educational and Training Program Specialist 1490
    Social Science Specialist 1455
    Training and Education Technician 1391
    Biological and Natural Resources 1290
    Logistics Management Specialist 1265

    for the remainder of the list

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    Cheryl Wahlheim

    Henry, do you know of any easier way to get a federal job? My husband has been going through and hears absolutely nothing back from them.

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    Stephen R. Gallison

    these positions don’t include the Exempt Agencies so only about 70% (my conservative guesstimate) are posted on USAJOBS.

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    Henry Brown


    There are only a few agencies that I am aware of that don’t list there job openings through (CIA, DNI, are the primary ones). Whenever I have applied for a new opportunity would make sure that I noted/recorded Point of Contact information for whatever job I was applying for, as listed in jobs listing(s), and would follow up a day or two after the announcement closed. This got me somewhat better responses as far as hearing back from the hiring agency.

    When I was actively seeking an opportunity, although it has been several years ago, I expected to submit 15 to 20 applications for every interview and expected to do upwards of 10 interviews prior to “connecting” with an opportunity that was a good match for both I and the hiring agency.

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