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    Gary T Lefko

    Anyone point me to a best practice paper or model? We in the US Forest Service/CIO looking to improve our adhoc offboarding process.

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    Steve Ressler

    Good question.

    At my old agency, our process involved:

    -technical issues (return computer, passwords, etc) – filled out via form

    -meeting with HR or a senior leader – more of a briefback. Ideas on improving organization, etc


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    Is there something that you feel isn’t working?

    We have a checklist to make sure items are returned, passwords, remote access etc. are taken care of.

    We have the employee meet with the manager to see why they are leaving, and the causes….is it something we need to be aware of or change? Is there a pattern?

    To be honest, most are not going to tell the real reason they are leaving…they don’t want to burn bridges.

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