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    Scott O. Konopasek

    Does anyone have experience with or is aware of a office/team in the public sector dedicated to improving processes, productivity and outcomes across organizational lines?

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    Erin Faehrmann

    Here in South Australia we have a Public Sector Performance Commission, which has (and will) exist for a few years as is the nature of commissions. . It has a cross-organisation mandate. In New Zealand I heard about a department (they call them Ministery’s) which reports direct in to their Treasury and it appears they’ve recently established a nation-wide productivity commission as well Usually these types of arrangements reside under our Premier (head of State) or Prime Minister (yeah, we’re still in the Commonwealth…).

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    Jeremy Sutherland


    Most US Federal agencies, and even most departments have their own QI/QC departments. I’m not sure if there is a clear functional hierarchy back up to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) or not, but I know the OMB runs a pretty big Quality Improvement/Performance Improvement office in DC.

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    ClearPoint Strategy

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    Carol Davison

    The Federal Government has a performance czar, performance officers and offices in every department. They deploy the balanced scorecard (high level planning documents, etc.) I have not heard the term Quality used for a long time.

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