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    Michael O. Johnston

    Today when searching the all-mighty internet I came across a career portfolio of a person whom I do not know, but after coming across it I did a further search on career portfolios. Although the thought of putting a portfolio of your career accomplishments on the internet should be a somewhat thoughtless act to perform, especially in todays world of web 2.0, but it never crossed my mind to make an online career portfolio.

    However, exactly how valuable are career portfolios?

    My thought on this is the same as any other tool that you decide to implement in your life, and that is a tool is as only as useful as you make it. Therefore, if you decide to put your career portfolio online then you should market it and link to it as much as possible in order to make it highly accessible for those who you want to see your credentials the most.

    How much does it cost?

    After coming across the online career portfolio and doing further research I found that there are many portfolio tools and hosts that do cost, but then there are also those that have the option to be cost free, or you can spend very little to get “extra features” for your portfolio (at this time I’m going with the free version). Therefore, the only cost that is required of an individual to have their career portfolio online is delegating some time to developing it and keeping it relatively up-to-date (our lives change daily).

    Link To Online Career Portfolio Tool That I Use:


    My Portfolio:

    Let me know what you think!

    Thank You,

    Michael O. Johnston, MPA 09′
    Govloop Community Leader
    (e) [email protected]
    (p) (641) 799-1076

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    Hey Michael, this looks good! I will work on getting mine setup. In the age where there is always the fierce competition for great jobs, what the harm in more self promotion when it is done in a creative way 🙂

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    Michael O. Johnston

    Thanks for the positive feedback I.J., once you get your portfolio up and running I would most definitely be interested in seeing it!

    Again, Thank You,

    Michael O. Johnston, MPA 09′

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    Michael O. Johnston

    Thanks for the compliment, critiquing of my work is always accepted with open arms by me! Nothing is ever perfect, and I’ll be the first to admit that I am not perfect nor is my work, they are both a working progress.

    With that being said please feel free to send me any suggestions, criticisms, compliments, etc. etc. about any of my work.

    Again, thank you for the positive review,

    Michael O. Johnston

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    Micheal…Great idea. It looks great and I will be checking it out myself.


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    Michael O. Johnston

    Thanks Stephen, My plans are to keep it newly updated and continue to make it look new for those potential employers (and hopefully clients, as I want to do some consulting at some point in my career) who visit the site on a regular basis so that it does not look like a “dead” website.

    Once you have yours completed, please send it to me and I will check it out. Another website that I found that allows you to create an online portfolio is brightfuse, its a little bit different than my weebly online portfolio, but regardless I created a site on both.

    Look forward to have further discussion with you!

    – Michael O. Johnston

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    Michelle McClellan

    Very cool, think about how much paper you could save!

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